The Best Way To Optometry Practice Management

Patients being able to get a lot of information from us with without a being caught up in their news feed filters it worked well for that purpose I thought that the the presence that we created on YouTube and our yell presence was strong enough where we didn’t need to have the additional headache of a website and quite honestly.

optometry practice management

If I had to go back to doing a website on my own it would be a headache and quite honestly it would be a half-assed job now that a whole industry of website design and search engine optimization it’s just it’s just infinitely more complex and deep then I could ever want to do on my own or even try to even learn just a little segment of that so that’s why I’m leaving it in the hands of a professional and you know surefire has been that.

Professional for for me with awesome results and those are results that Jeff and I meet with once a week and we go over and we see the goals being hit and our targets being achieved and we see the growth and importance of having that website as an anchor for our web presence so very valuable so I’ve done basically a on the importance of a website I realized that a website now helps complete the picture of my digital footprint I see.

That it’s extremely important and is now again a necessity in my whole marketing strategies and funny because Justin I back in or we would battle about this I it was a very ballsy move to to drop your website and go to Facebook and.

I argued that I didn’t think it was right he argued that he thought it was right and now it’s funny because now he’s focusing more on website and I’m working more on my facebook page so you both jump to these others go port and.

I either way up with marketing that’s what’s important no matter how you do it you know you definitely coach and you also put this up stuff all to see what sticks is certain not exactly that was good yeah I’m very dynamic it’s a very dynamic space and you know trial and error or whether.

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